This top Samsung SSD I use is on sale AGAIN after Cyber Monday … – Windows Central

Whether you’re gaming on a PC or a console, one thing it always seems like you need more of is storage. For PC and PS5 players, the best way to get it is to buy an M.2 NVMe SSD, as these offer high storage capacities and lightning fast transfer speeds for good prices. My favorite of these — Samsung’s 980 PRO — is discounted quite often, and is once again on sale in the aftermath of Black Friday and Cyber Monday for just $129.99 at Best Buy for the 2TB version, and $79.99 at Best Buy for the 1TB model. Those are significant 28% markdowns, and while these limited-time deals are around, I’ve decided to pick up another drive for my gaming rig.


Get tons of speedy storage for less

The 1TB model of the Samsung 980 PRO. (Image credit: Windows Central)

I got a 2TB Samsung 980 PRO for my PC when it was on sale earlier this year in April, and it’s been the PCIe Gen 4 drive I generally recommend ever since. It offers an excellent overall balance of storage capacity, performance, and price, arguably making it the best option for most PC and PS5 gamers. These aren’t the lowest prices I’ve seen it fall to — the 2TB version was down to just $100 in July — but they’re still much lower than the usual MSRP, and absolutely worth pulling the trigger on post-Cyber Monday.


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