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Samsung’s newly launched Galaxy Fit is currently on offer for £49, which marks the first time the fitness tracker has been affected by a major discount. It’s very unusual for a product of this sort – as in, brand new – to receive a price reduction of any kind, so we’re more than a little bit excited. 

For comparison, the new price is a mere £14 more than the cost of the Galaxy Fit e, the £35 budget version of Samsung’s new fitness tracking wearable. This budget version has no fancy AMOLED display, no built-in gyroscope, less memory and a smaller battery. 

In other ways, however, the Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e are very similar. And that’s no bad thing: we gave the Galaxy Fit e a very respectable five stars, praising its unobtrusive design, excellent heart rate and sleep tracking technology and well-designed accompanying app. 

The Galaxy Fit offers all of the above features, and can also display messages in full, so you can read them without opening your smartphone. It will even tell you when it thinks you might be stressed, and will recommend breathing exercises to help you calm down. 

In truth, the only reason we wouldn’t recommend the Galaxy Fit is the £89 price tag – it’s too much to pay for a product that offers as much by way of features as a £30 Huawei or Honor equivalent. At £49, however, the Galaxy Fit is well worth a look, particularly if you’re a Samsung devotee. 

This offer is available at John Lewis and Amazon, although your order might take a while to reach you if you go with the latter. We’re not certain how long it will last, so don’t delay; you’re unlikely to find a much better deal on such a new product any time soon.

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