This ‘Pani Puri ATM’ video is taking internet by storm and rightfully so – Livemint

The coronavirus lockdown has seen unprecedented levels of cravings amongst the common people. While some crave a gym, some crave movie halls and some just desperately want to go outside, food has also been a large source of craving across the population.

While processed snacks, groceries and essential foods have still been moderately available, street foods have become a rarity like never witnessed before.

Pani puri, golgappa, puchka are amongst the many names given to perhaps the most beloved street food speciality of our nation. While it might seem like a small problem to many, the inherent demand for this exquisite delicacy has sparked innovation like never before.

A dip in current popularity has led to an invention of a “Contactless Pani-puri vending machine”! A video of the same was shared on social media and gained popularity at a rate similar to the spread of the virus itself.

In this video, a man is seen using an ATM- like vending machine. He selects the price and then inserts a 20 rupee note into the slot. After a brief wait, the machine opens a flap below the keyboard and the pani puris are displayed one by one and picked. The maker of this machine said it took 6 months to design.

Among the many who made this video viral, Additional Director General of Police (ADGP), Assam Police, Hardi Singh shared the video on twitter with the caption “Now this is real Indian ingenuity!”



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