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Google has announced that Google Chrome extensions will have to reveal all personal data that is being collected from January 2021. Google said that each extension’s detail page in the Chrome Web Store will show “developer-provided information about the data collected by the extension, in clear and easy to understand language.” If this data disclosure policy is enforced properly then users will exactly know how much data is collected by individual Chrome extensions and accordingly choose whether or not to use it.

“Data disclosures collection will be displayed on the Chrome Web Store listing starting January 18, 2021. For developers who have not yet provided privacy disclosures by January 18, 2021, a notice will be shown on their Chrome Web Store listings to inform users that the developer hasn’t certified that they comply with the Limited Use policy yet,” said Google in an official blog post.

The policy also aims to reiterate that sale of user data is never allowed for Chrome extensions. “Google does not sell user data and extension developers may not do this either,” it added. Also, Google said that it is also prohibited the use or transfer of user data for personalised advertising.

Meanwhile, Google has introduced its Chrome version 87 as the final release of 2020. Chrome 87 is also considered as one of the ‘biggest releases’ ever by Google in terms of performance and security. Google claims that the new Chrome 87 update is the “largest gain in Chrome performance in years”. Chrome is said to be up to 25% faster and loads pages faster. Also, Google claims that Chrome 87 consumes less RAM than before.

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The new update has a major impact on your device’s battery life and internet browsing experience. The new Chrome release is available for all platforms including Android, iOS, Mac, WIndows, Linux and Chrome OS.



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