Think of Bet365 as a tech business before you judge Denise Coates' £421m pay – The Times

Denise Coates was paid a hell of a lot of money last year. The chief executive of Bet365 took home at least £421 million, a record for a company boss in Britain. This brought her cumulative pay from the closely held betting group to about £1.2 billion over the past four years.

Is anybody worth the equivalent of £8 million a week? Socialists will say “no”, given that the average weekly pay in this country is £567. Moderate capitalists will say “not really”, because capital that might be invested in the business is leaving for one executive’s pocket (or in Coates’ case, vault). Libertarians will say “yes”, because anything goes when you’re a libertarian.

There’s more to the question, of course. Should Coates be able


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