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The UK is looking for new ways to reduce energy dependence and greenhouse gas emissions. In this sense, he proposed that the charging points for electric cars should be turned off during peak demand.

In this way, the country guarantees that the power system is not in danger.

The UK recently proposed to install new charging points in buildings that have not yet been fitted. In this way, anticipation and anticipation of the eruption of demand that will occur in the coming years.

Now, apparently contrary to the initial proposal, the British government has suggested that charging points for electric cars should be turned off when demand is at its peak.

This debate is still being debated and unrecognized as a result of the government’s fear of selling millions of electric cars. In his view, an increase in the electric fleet would jeopardize the country’s electricity system and promote resistance. So, the solution is for drivers to control the time they recharge their vehicles.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

According to TimesThe UK government's proposal has been sent to the World Trade Organization, which advises that electric car chargers installed in domestic and commercial buildings should not operate between 8am and 11am and should be turned off between 4pm and 22pm.

In turn, public charging points in the UK will not be affected by this move.

Sales of electric cars this year are up 107% compared to July last year, while sales of vehicles with combustion engines are down 34%. These changes meant that in the first seven months of the year, electric cars accounted for 8% of UK car sales.

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