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“This Navy Blueprint builds on decades of constant effort to improve our information systems, infrastructure, and processes. From the creation of the then-revolutionary Navy Marine Corps Intranet, to the consolidation of over 2,000 network environments, and on to current efforts to move to the Cloud; it is now time to build on those successes and lessons learned and rapidly accelerate our modernization approaches so that the Navy is positioned to out-maneuver and outpace our competitors,” Edgin stated in the introduction of the Navy Blueprint.

According to Scott St. Pierre, Director of Enterprise Networks and Cybersecurity in the office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare, “The Navy Blueprint offers a way to outline our holistic approach to implementing a modernized information ecosystem.”

“It will, among other things, define the architectural characteristics that will support the future operating environment leveraging delivery of emerging technologies, standardize terminology to improve communication between stakeholders, and define methodologies that help identify capability gaps, and prioritize innovation.” said St. Pierre.

The Navy Blueprint’s release coincided with the Navy’s annual recognition of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, held each year in October. The Navy’s cybersecurity effort, and the Navy Blueprint, share common goals – to protect the Navy, our systems, and our people from cyber threats.

Technology and cyberspace are now at the heart of all Navy operations delivering mission effectiveness and protecting the United States. With this increasing reliance on technology, a cyber-attack has the ability to affect multiple areas in very little time due to the nature of 21st century communications systems.

While we highlight cybersecurity in October, the Navy stresses cybersecurity year round, and the Navy Blueprint adds to that effort by introducing a service-wide emphasis on information ecosystem modernization to outpace our competitors around the globe.

“The Navy Blueprint is designed to deliver and sustain secure, resilient, survivable, integrated and interoperable mission performance throughout the lifecycle of information systems to ensure the Fleet can fight and win in a cyber-contested environment,” said St. Pierre.

He added, “The release of the Navy Blueprint is only the beginning. We’ll follow this release with enterprise implementation plans that will be developed via technical design meetings, data analysis, and focus groups.” The Navy Blueprint is a living document subject to updates as needed.

The Blueprint can be found here on the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service (DVIDS) page: https://www.dvidshub.net/publication/1402/navy-blueprint


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