The Rufford Review: Skoda Citigo-e | The Sunday Times Magazine | The Sunday Times – The Times

That electric car you said you’d get once prices had dropped from “ridiculously expensive” to “worth it for the kudos” may finally have arrived. The £17,455 Skoda Citigo-e resembles a giant Playmobil toy, but if you can live with that, it could save you money.

It’s cheap by electric car standards, partly because it’s made in Bratislava and partly because the UK government helpfully provides a £3,000 plug-in car grant — effectively a 15% discount on its £20,455 full price. On top of that, it has rigged things so you don’t pay vehicle tax or fuel duty, or benefit-in-kind tax if you’re buying it as a company car. To run, the Citigo-e uses just a few units of electricity.

All of which means you should


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