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There is ongoing debate about working from home, office culture, and how to manage a team of distributed staff. As the COVID-19 delta variant has postponed the return date for many companies, there is still sound debate about what the future of work will look like.

But while big companies are on their way to the present, the debate is almost over and I think the startup has won.

I’ve called startup founders many times since the launch of COVID-19, and every time I talk to an early-stage company in the last few quarters, they seem to have a remote, decentralized team. It makes sense because some of these startups were literally founded during the COVID era. But that trend isn’t limited to those companies.

Thinking a bit about the startup market, I think the concept of startups raising equity capital to spend on rent is as strange as today’s startups raising equity capital to buy racks. increase. Pay the server and collocation fees. Currently we have AWS and Azure. And when it comes to offices, we now have remote work. Why shell out a square foot share?

We’ve simplified it to some extent, but with seed or Series A money for rent, early office space becomes part of the world’s most expensive real estate. At least for a successful startup. Knowledgeable people avoid taxes.

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There is much more to this. The talent market is very tight for many important roles today. Ask someone who wants to hire a talent for machine learning. Or the role of a senior developer. Or the marketing team will take the lead. The list continues. The kind of talent that startups are looking for is scarce and’expensive.

To make matters worse for emerging tech companies, big tech companies are getting richer than ever. So what does a young company do? It provides something that seems to be reluctant to provide with a large gun, that is, remote friendly work. It also helps startups draw talent from larger tech companies. Talents they don’t want to shed.

Over time, the lower the retention rate of HR staff, the more flexible the workplace will be. And many startups that are remote today will grow tomorrow’s big companies with fully remote teams, sticking to the model and expanding. So while the conversation about working from home and returning to expensive office space is still going on, it feels more like a shuffle of fateful cruise liner deckchairs than a real discussion.

teeth you Would you like to go back to work by car or mix car and public transport and put on your headphones so you can focus on your office? I doubt it. I’m not.

Boston details

The exchange is spending time digging into the various startup hubs of the world, focusing on some US markets that are worth giving more time.We have seen Chicago,for example, Recently Boston..

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After the Boston work was released, some more comments were received. Let’s chew an important part of them.

Glasswing Ventures’ Rudina skipper As for Boston’s outlook for the upcoming quarter, he said: Therefore, unless there is a market correction that extends far beyond Boston, the desire to raise money remains. “

And if market conditions continue, startup venture activity in Boston could get even hotter. Skippers told the exchange in an email: “The number of pre-seed and seed-stage companies has increased dramatically. In fact, we have seen double growth. [year over year] In a very suitable number for financing. “

In her view, the amount of decent startups Boston is producing is “a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of early technology and the market opportunities that COVID-19 launched and accelerated.”

finally, Ali Grants The outlook remains bright as the New England Venture Capital Association continues to adapt. “

I’ve included that final quote as it applies to almost everywhere. Startups have never had something better than this!

More next week.

— — Alex

The remote work argument has already been won by startups – TechCrunch Source link The remote work argument has already been won by startups – TechCrunch



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