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Stop looking for what you already have

Sumit Garg
Photo: Bagus Hernawan/Unsplash

Are you thinking of buying one of the latest iPhones? Do you already have an iPhone right now that works just fine? As philosopher Rumi says, “You wander from room to room, hunting for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck.”

Apple just released the iPhone 12 lineup — that’s four brand-new iPhones. And I know that even the most moderately obsessive Apple fans want one. But do we really need one? The short answer is: No. We don’t.

Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup features better displays and a new design with flat edges. They’re lighter, have thinner bezels, tougher glass, and come in a whole new range of colors. You can now buy more power in a smaller package.

They are also 5G. And they run on the latest high speed A14 bionic chip. You have MagSafe — some really cool magnets at the back for better wireless charging. Also, there are plenty of big improvements to the cameras, especially in the Pro lineup, with some other little improvements here and there.

That sounds like a lot.

But hang on, isn’t that just every phone upgrade, ever?

The hype around 5G sounds amazing, but this is tech that was introduced over a year ago, and it’s still not really ready. And if buying a new iPhone is about making your phone future-proof, why don’t you just hang on for a while — until the future is here.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s still a lot to wait for. The iPhone still doesn’t fold. Or have a higher refresh rate. If you’re not stuck on buying an iPhone, you can already get these features from manufacturers like Samsung, Microsoft, LG, or OnePlus.

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But your smartphone isn’t what it can or can’t do, anyway. It’s what you want to do with it. And, the phone you have right now is probably good enough to serve most of the functionality that you need.

Let’s assume that maybe there is a feature exclusive to the new line of iPhones. Did you really think that your phone needed to perform this particular parlor trick before the manufacturer introduced it to you?

Apple’s so-called “environment-friendly” move of no longer shipping headphones and the charging brick with all iPhones is fine with me. But you know what would be even more environmentally friendly? Sticking with your old phone. Fix it if it’s broken. If you can.

You can always buy the next best iPhone in another 12 months. Meanwhile, there’s iOS 14, Apple’s latest software upgrade to look forward to, and it will work just fine on most old iPhones.

The iPhone 12 is great. But the phone in your pocket is probably good enough.



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