The Mysterious Case of Missing Google Maps Updates for iPhone and CarPlay – autoevolution

Google typically updates its applications, both on Android and iOS, on a regular basis, not necessarily with big new features but with smaller improvements here and there.

Those running Google Maps, Waze, and others on their iPhones (and some of the apps on CarPlay too) probably noticed Google hasn’t released any updates since early December. In fact, most major Google apps, such as YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, and even Chrome for iPhone received the last pack of improvements in the first days of December.

So what exactly is going on and why Google isn’t rolling out new updates for its apps on iOS and CarPlay?

Some believe the whole thing is related to a change Apple has announced on December 8 and which requires developers to include new privacy information in the apps they published in the App Store. Each app is now forced to tell users what data it collects and what it does with it, with Google originally announcing the privacy update in the first half of January.

But as it turns out, Google needs more time to get everything ready, most likely as the company wants to make sure the privacy update doesn’t do more harm than good.

If you’re wondering how the privacy labels on iOS can cause quite a nightmare for software developers, the best example is none other than WhatsApp. The messaging platform has recently updated its privacy policy and included new information on how it shares data with Facebook and other third parties, with the change eventually causing an en-masse migration to alternative products like Telegram and Signal.

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Google, however, most likely wants to make sure the implementation of privacy labels goes as smoothly as possible, but at this point, it’s pretty clear the whole thing takes more time than initially expected.

For the time being, there’s still no ETA as to when Google Maps, Waze, its other iOS apps could receive new updates.



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