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'The Lazy Person's Dream' Or 'Most Significant Monetary Advance?' What VIPs Said About Crypto Last Week

© Reuters. ‘The Lazy Person’s Dream’ Or ‘Most Significant Monetary Advance?’ What VIPs Said About Crypto Last Week

Benzinga – Crypto continues to seep into the mainstream — both as a cultural phenomenon and an asset class.

Benzinga collected last week’s spiciest VIP takes about the industry also known as “the future of finance.”

“The Lazy Person’s Dream”

Controversial internet personality Andrew Tate commented in a recent interview that it is “the lazy person’s dream” to buy “a s–tcoin” and benefit off massive gains with “no work and no net benefit to the universe.”

Tate, who is facing charges in Romania for human trafficking, said crypto Twitter “is full of degenerate losers” that he loves to play games with — presumably referring to his tweets teasing the launch of his own cryptocurrency.

According to Tate, the worst thing for these “lazy idiot people” would be to “actually become rich” since that would turn them into “mega losers.” His advice? “Get a job.”

“The Most Significant Monetary Advance Since The Creation Of Coinage”

Edward Snowden, the renowned former National Security Agency contractor, would presumably not agree with Tate.

His “unpopular but true” take:

Snowden is on the record as a firm cryptocurrency supporter, lauding the spot BItcoin ETF approval and pushing back against well-known JPMorgan Chase and Co CEO and “Bitcoin bear” Jamie Dimon.

Last week, Snowden also said he would never say that he is Bitcoin’s inventor Satoshi Nakamoto unless he was “just trolling,” age had gotten the better of his mental capacity or it was a “duress code.”

“Many People Are Embracing It”

Arguably the biggest name to comment on cryptocurrencies last week was former President Donald Trump.

Trump, who is on the record saying he is “not a fan of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies,” softened his stance in a Fox News interview. “Many people are embracing it,” commented Trump, adding this is “something that’s interesting.”

While Trump did not go full Bitcoin bull, noting “you probably have to do some regulation,” he can “live with it one way or the other.” Still, the dollar is the “one really powerful thing” that remains his favorite.

“I Will Buy The Top Forever”

For Michael Saylor, executive chairman of MicroStrategy Inc, this “one really powerful thing” is Bitcoin — and he vowed to “buy the top forever” in a Bloomberg TV interview.

Saylor, wh rebranded MicroStrategy into a “Bitcoin development company” in the aftermath of the spot ETFs, also said there is “just no reason to sell the winner to buy the losers.”

“F The Fed”

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki took the same line as Saylor, tweeting “Don’t Fight the Fed? I say ‘F the Fed.'”

His advice: “Buy gold, silver, Bitcoin.”

Kiyosaki is another famous crypto advocate that has previously labeled the Federal Reserve a “criminal organization” and called his followers to pay attention to the Bitcoin halving.

A Request Refused: $1 Million In “US dollars, gold or bitcoin”

Finally, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who was recently in the spotlight for interviewing Russia’s president Vladimir Putin, said former U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked for $1 million in “US dollars, gold or bitcoin” for an interview.

Unlike former Pentagon Advisor Douglas MacGregor, who sees Bitcoin going to $1 million based on his thesis that “fiat currency is not going to work,” Carlson did not comment whether he was pro- or anti-cryptocurrency.

Similarly, Johnson has thus far not registered as a cryptocurrency supporter.

Either way, Carlson told Blaze TV host Glenn Beck he refused the alleged request.

Price Action: At the time of writing, Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) was trading at $51,730 up 1.2% over the past 24 hours, as reported by Benzinga Pro.

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