The Latest iPhone Update Does More Harm Than Good for CarPlay Users – autoevolution

And as it turns out, the recently released iOS 15.0.2 is part of the craziness itself, as this update not only doesn’t necessarily improve the experience with CarPlay, but it makes it worse overall.

I’ve already seen several people complaining of various struggles on CarPlay after installing the most recent updates, but now reports are coming in revealing something that’s a lot more concerning.

CarPlay is completely broken down after installing iOS 15.0.2, as the system just refuses to load when the iPhone is connected to the head unit in the car.

In theory, the experience overall should be as straightforward as possible. Just connect your iPhone to the head unit and wait for CarPlay to launch – in some cases, drivers need to manually tap a CarPlay icon that shows up on the screen after plugging in the smartphone.

But after installing iOS 15.0.2, this entire experience is broken down. Users explain all over the web, including on Apple’s support forums here, that CarPlay no longer launches and doesn’t show up on their head units.

The connection is working properly, it seems, as iPhones do start charging, but on the other hand, CarPlay just refuses to load.

Of course, the generic workarounds available in Apple’s locked-down ecosystem, including resetting the CarPlay configuration and re-pairing the iPhone and the head unit, don’t make any difference.

So is there something these users can do right now? Not really, as the reported behavior seems to suggest a new update is required from Apple itself. Of course, the Cupertino-based tech giant has remained completely tight-lipped on everything so far, so not only we don’t know when a potential fix could land, but it’s not even clear if such a thing is in the works in the first place.


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