The Key of Contentment

Contentment lays the foundation for happiness. Happiness not only makes us feel great, but in the East is thought to be the best medicine because this state of being contains so much optimism and enthusiasm. Contentment should not be confused with complacency. To be complacent is to achieve a state of subtle arrogance, thinking, ‘I have reached my goal. No need for anything further.

I am fine,’ followed by the shutting down of both creativity and the willingness to bring about personal change. To be content, appreciate where you have reached, yet realise that there is more to learn and keep yourself open to new learning. Being content leads to a feeling that ‘I have found something very good, but let us make it better and ultimately the best.’

Contentment comes from appreciation, The father of contentment is humility, the openness to receiving new signals from life as well as the courage to act on them. The mother of contentment is simplicity because it is the simple things in life that create its wonder, such as breath, thought, choice, the sunlight, flowers and a smile.

Nothing is taken for granted when we know true contentment. We cherish and value everything. Because of this inner awareness, we do not compare ourselves with others, or feel inferior or superior, but simply have the great feeling that everyone is good and everything is good.


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