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The iPhone 12 will not have a narrower 'notch': here the evidence

As usual, the first seven months of each year are a whirlwind of information about the new iPhones that go on sale after the summer, and one of the recurring pieces of information that have graced all the news of the new 2020 devices is that, taking advantage of the fact that they are going to significantly change the design of the phones, Californians were also going to reduce the size of their notch.

If you have read us previously, surely you will have deduced our skepticism about something like this. Not for nothing, but because To say that the notch is going to narrow is not knowing Apple and the way it has, not only to design its devices, but to standardize them all in such a way that over time they are absolutely recognizable, simply by looking at the common elements in all the models they have for sale. And that eyebrow is one of them.

The normal notch tests

It has been through Weibo where We have been able to see what those front panels of the future iPhone 12 will be like And how that notch is going to stay as is, identical to the first we saw in 2017 inside your iPhone X. So those who expected changes in this aspect, must be forgotten because those from Cupertino will once again be faithful to the original design of three years ago.

Photograph of the 'notch' of an iPhone 12.
Photograph of the ‘notch’ of an iPhone 12. Weibo

As you can see in both photos leaked through Chinese websites, the images seem to be taken from the assembly line itself (from an iPhone 12 with a 5.4-inch screen), where you can see the display panel before being mounted on the device. In addition, within that notch you can see the spaces reserved for the different sensors that are concentrated in that area, such as the camera for selfies, Face ID, the proximity sensor when we approach the phone to the ear or the one that measures the ambient light levels.

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Photograph of the panel of an iPhone 12.
Photograph of the panel of an iPhone 12.

Although there is technology to reduce this notch considerably, due to the logical advance of the components that are necessary and that would not take up as much space, Apple is not going to give up what is the differentiating element of its terminals compared to all that are on the market with Android and that, in recent years have gone from having a small eyebrow on top, to transform that space into small drops of water to accommodate the camera of the selfies. If you like the current notch of the iPhone, you can rest easy now. The essence of Apple phones is going to stay intact … for now.




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