The Insurance Software Industry Building Customer Loyalty

Insurance Software Industry Building Customer Loyalty

Huge changes are happening in every industry, all around the world, every single day. Many of these changes are directly caused by new development in software and technology that are affecting the way we interact with each other, the work that we have to do, the way we shop, and certainly the way in which we do business. See here.

The world of robotics regularly takes the limelight, with its robotic dogs capable of running, leaping and opening door handles, or human facsimilia’s that are designed to provide a pleasant interactive customer service experience. And while some of the developments that have taken place within the world of robotics are truly amazing, and will only continue to develop, it is the software running in the background that is really effecting earthshattering changes.

Artificial Intelligence Helping You Find Answers

Science Fiction books and movies since the 1940s have enjoyed using themes where robots and computer software take of the world, causing death and mayhem. So, it is hardly surprising that the idea of artificial intelligence has been met with resistance in some areas. However, it is also something that people are unaware that they are using on a regular basis. It is not a secret; it is simply that people do not know what either AI or big data really is.

There are companies that have been developing software and systems specifically to help the insurance industry (to know more, visit sites like – and this is where AI can help. In its easiest to recognize form, you have probably encountered the online chatbots or help chats available on many websites. This is actually a basic (by developmental standards) form of artificial intelligence. The chatbot has been programmed with information specific to the insurance industry and is learning to understand customers phrasings and requests in order to continuously improve the service it is able to offer to insurance customers.

Big Data Saving You Money

While big data is another term that makes people nervous, it is logical that in the information age we delight in living with, that someone, somewhere, knows everything. Every time you enter your email to sign up for a mailing list, every time you move to a new house, change phone suppliers, register a birth, or press play on Netflix, that data is stored somewhere. Generally, the data is pretty anonymous, however, what a good computer algorithm is able to do is sift through this incredible amount of data looking for patterns.

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The sort of patterns which big  s5sxdata might make a difference in an insurance world could be which demographic is really the safest drivers. Or it can ensure that there is no discrimination based on race for your home contents. However, it can also be used to help when fraud has been suspected – and being able to reduce the number of fraudulent claims that an insurance company pays out can result in lower premiums all-round.

Specializing In Insurance Software

The development of insurance software is a very specialist field. Although you might think that it could be rolled over from financial software, the only thing in common is the level of security required. Otherwise the needs of the insurance industry are quite unique.

Part of this is due to the legislative requirements within the insurance industry. However, another issue with the development of insurance software is the different branches of the industry that all need to be able to work together, but which all have unique needs. From retail brokers dealing with customers daily to managing general agents or managing general underwriters, to wholesale brokers, and of course through to the insurers. Each has a slightly different focus but need to be able to work in an integrated fashion.

Insurance-focused software that is able to allow an MGA to create smooth processes between insurers and insurance agents creates a more efficient industry.

The Customer Is King

The development of InsurTech and software startups that are able to specialize in this area is creating a customer centric industry – and when customers feel that they are being heard, that their needs are being met as an individual rather than as a demographic, there is more ability to build customer loyalty This is something that has not been possible in the last 20 years, where customers in most industries will shop around to find the best deal rather than stick with a single provider for life.

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Being able to look after your clients, and allow them a degree of autonomy to manage their insurance choices, helps to rebuild customer loyalty. Insurance platforms that allow customers to login online and see their portfolio, allow them to update certain details, send messages to their broker and see recommended insurance options that have been individually selected for their particular needs is just one step in building this base of loyal customers.


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