The Independent Group goes for cheeky Nando's and Twitter has a field day

The members of The Independent Group enjoyed a group field trip to Nando’s this evening – and Twitter had a field day.

The former Conservative and Labour MPs headed to the popular chain following their first meeting after breaking away from their former parties last week.

Chuka Umunna tweeted a picture of the 11 MPs on Monday evening, writing: “First Independent Group meal out before vote’s tonight at Nando’s!”

Gavin Shuker MP, who quit Labour and has been chosed as ‘convenor’ of the group,  was quick to poke fun and tweeted: “Hacks struggling for an angle on how best to report the kremlinology of the group be aware I kept a list of medium, lemon and herb, extra hot and my DMs are open.”

Their choice of restaurant was the butt of a few jokes

Observers were quick to point out some of the MPs look happier to be there than others.

And that Anna Soubry’s dinner appears to consist of just salad, chips and ketchup.

Much of the best humour was reserved for the replies to the Streatham MP’s original tweet.

One Twitter user wrote: “They really wanted to go to Franco Manca, but how would that have gone down in Mansfield?”.

Making reference to The Last Supper, another added: “The difference is the last supper only had one Judas”.

One wag posted a screengrab of disgraced US president Richard Nixon in The Simpsons where he claims to enjoy Duff beer to make himself more popular with voters. It doesn’t work.

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When Liz Corrigan replied asking: “what are your policies?” another Twitter user replied: “chicken”.

Andy Peacock tweeted: “Expensive PR person : ‘Young people eat at Nando’s. We’re doing a photo shoot at Nando’s’ . Every single member of this Independent group: ‘Isn’t that Marco Pierre White’s new place? Ooh I hear it’s very good’.”

After the news today that Labour would now back a second referendum on membership of the EU one user thanked the group for ‘shaking things up’.

But one response was pretty withering: “Yep the Piri piri bottles.”

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