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According to Hyundai, that future is not distant and will replace the driving / car experience with something entirely new. Call this the day when the car becomes more than a car – and paradoxically, less than a car, too. Meet your own personal butler that also happens to ferry you around.

Not long ago, Hyundai unveiled the Ioniq Cabin concept, a futuristic take on the what we have come to know as the traditional car cabin. This concept puts the user at the center, but not as before, in order to help him operate the machine. Instead, this user can recline all the way back, watch content on the theater-like screen, while having his shoes waxed and his clothes ironed.

Make no mistake about it, the car will be doing all these.

This futuristic Cabin is possible in partnership with LG Electronics and has as highlight a massive, 77-inch (195.5-cm), flexible OLED screen on the roof. Presumably, you’re supposed to watch whatever it is you usually watch fully reclined, with the sound coming out of speakers set in the headrest. Hyundai says this would create “personalized sound zones,” in the plural because the screen is big enough to allow simultaneous playing of different content.

Because the screen is flexible and the seats themselves top-notch, you would presumably not get a stiff neck from the position.

While you’re thus reposing, integrated home electronics and appliances would be taking proper care of the rest of your person. The Cabin would come with such features as Clothing Care and Shoes Butler, but Hyundai stops short of describing what they could do. Based on name alone, the former would probably steam-clean and iron the outfit you have on, while the latter would make sure your shoes lived up to the overall look.

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A floor-cleaning robot and an overhead UV LED light would keep the cabin clean and disinfected, so you’d never again have to worry about doing these things yourself.

More importantly, features like these would be “customizable depending on customers’ needs and lifestyles.” Imagine a businessman or businesswoman getting these two features mentioned above, while a socialite / influencer / celebrity’s Ioniq would come with instant makeup application feature, blow-dry and hairstyling. It’s truly a brave new world that Hyundai is envisioning.

“The IONIQ Concept Cabin is one of a kind and an unprecedented approach to enhancing customer experience as it can be customized for different needs and lifestyles,” Wonhong Cho, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer of Hyundai Motor Company, says. “Dedicated EVs will enable us to revolutionize the experience Hyundai delivers to its customers, empowering them to do more in and out of the vehicles.”

Hyundai believes some of these futuristic features will be offered with the Ioniq 5, scheduled to launch next year.

It might be another while before we get the Hyundai cars to clean our clothes, shine our shoes, do our hair and brush our teeth (or whatever), but that’s the path we’re going down on: the driving experience that removes the human element altogether and replaces it with an in-car butler. So that you will never have to lift a finger again.



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