The Growth of Online Gaming in the UK

The online gaming industry in the United Kingdom

Online gaming is witnessing a surge in popularity worldwide, with millions of users in the UK alone. From Snake games and console gaming to online casinos, playing habits changed drastically in the country.

Let’s delve into the growing iGaming trends in the UK market.

What is the Current Scenario of iGaming in the UK?

An ever-growing number of people in the UK are gravitating towards iGaming as a source of entertainment. It shows gaming is the culture of UK residents.

As per industry insights, 18% of UK gamers started playing online games during the COVID-19 lockdown to escape boredom or stress. Fast forward to this day, the numbers are only growing post-pandemic.

The gaming expenses by players also grew by 1.9% every year in the country, which covered new consoles, software, and mobile games.

Mobile Games are The New Normal

One of the key segments contributing to the growth of online gaming is the rise of mobile games. According to the Telegraph, most UK players spend up to 24 hours weekly playing mobile games, such as Candy Crush, Fortnite, Subway Surfers, and online slot machines.

An estimated market value of mobile gaming is around £4.11 billion in 2023. Many UK gamers are switching to mobile game apps to enjoy the thrilling gameplay on the go. The key parameters for the popularity of mobile games include convenience, unique storylines, immersive graphics, and mobile-responsive interface.

Further, the advent of cloud gaming platforms will redefine the UK mobile gaming market. These subscription-based game services will enable gamers to stream high-quality games directly from their smartphones. So there’s no need to own costly top-line hardware.

The growth of cloud gaming will even open broader gaming opportunities for UK gamers.

Most Popular iGaming Genres for UK Gamers

There’s a range of online game genres that attract every kind of UK gamers, including

  • Puzzle games
  • Action games
  • Casino and card games
  • Adventure games
  • Shooting games

The YouGov data shows that men love action games more than female gamers. Further, Gen Z prefers mobile casino gaming more than Millenials. On the other hand, boomers choose puzzle game titles.

Unstoppable Gambling Market

The UK has a century-old relationship with the gambling vertical. According to reports, the online gambling market in the country can grow at a 5.4% CAGR from 2023 to 2028.

Poker, slots, and sports are the games that people in the UK play the most. In fact, some of the best poker players in the world are from the United Kingdom.

For instance, Stephen Chidwick generated over £35 million through poker gaming. Another successful UK poker player is Chris Moorman. He earned over £18 million by participating in online poker tournaments. Further, Liv Boreree won around £3 million on poker tables.

Further, mobile-optimized casinos accelerated the revenue potential for gambling companies. Today, more gaming fanatics prefer mobile casinos to bet anytime and anywhere. They can access the diverse game portfolio and lucrative bonuses to boost their real-money gaming experience on the move.

The fast internet is the key driver for the growth of real money online games. The SSL encryption and firewalls also removed the security concern for online gamblers. Besides, strict regulations by the UK Gambling Commission ensure a fair gaming ecosystem.

Hence, these measures build players’ trust among UK gamers in real-money online casino apps.

The Rise of eSports Market

The trend has been gradually shifting from casual to competitive games recently. Gamers in the UK have a competitive gaming culture, unlike other countries. Hence, the eSports segment is also gaining tremendous traction nationwide.

It’s also one of the most preferred career options among the youth. In fact, some of the most skilled gamers from this region are competing at international eSports tournaments. The top eSports gamers from the UK are Jaden Ashman, Zerkaa, Harry Pearson, and Quicky Baby.

An inherent competitive nature of UK gamers allowed them to reach the peak of their gaming professions.

Today, the country also hosts various eSports tournaments and events annually.

Challenges of the UK Gaming Market

Overseas competition is the biggest challenge for the country right now. With the UK, the global gaming industry is also expanding rapidly. Hence, the competition is cut-throat.

The threat also persists in the UK’s online gambling sector. The growing offshore casino sites impacted the revenue potential of UK operators. Now, gambling fans can easily access Betsoft casinos online for USA players to enjoy the unique, new game collections.

Thus, game development companies must brainstorm new and cutting-edge strategies to stay ahead of the competition.


1. What is the gaming capital of the UK?

The gaming capital of the UK is Manchester, which has 46 gaming companies. Besides, the average salary of a developer in the city is £49,878 annually. It’s also home to market giants like Gameopolis.

2. What is the best-selling game in the UK?

The top-selling video game in the UK market is FIFA 23. In 2022, the game had sales of approximately 2.54 million copies.

3. What is the most downloaded game in the UK?

According to a report by Statista, the Stumble Guy game generated 341 thousand downloads on Android devices in 2022.

Bottom Line

The UK gamers openly embraced the new-age gaming platforms. Undoubtedly, the future of the iGaming industry is bright in the United Kingdom for several reasons.

As technology evolves, the online gaming trend will only grow in the times ahead. This development will drive further engagement by offering new opportunities to both casual and skilled players.

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