The four ways to get cheaper flights this summer, according to a travel expert

FLIGHT prices to Europe are set to soar this summer, as many Brits look to book their first holiday in two years.

But there are ways to cut the costs.

Holiday costs will be lower if you fly during term time


Holiday costs will be lower if you fly during term timeCredit: Getty

Charles Stewart, a travel expert at Eurochange, has revealed four hacks for bagging a bargain flight this year.

  1. Be flexible

If you don’t have to travel on a specific date, then you’ll increase your chances of finding a cheaper fare.

“Generally, you’ll find cheaper flights by booking three to four months in advance of the date you’re intending to travel on,” says Stewart.

“Searching via month will help you to find the cheapest flights to your chosen destination.”

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Hope’s not lost if you’re intending to travel sooner than that, though.

Many airlines, like Jet2, offer some brilliant bargains on last-minute flights and holidays, so keep your eyes peeled.

2. Check key calendar dates

“Airline providers are clever when it comes to their prices, ramping up the ticket cost when there’s a guaranteed demand,” Stewart explains.

Families with school-aged children can only ever travel during the school holidays, so costs will be lower if you fly during term time.

The summer holidays begin on July 25 this year for most schools, so try to fly before then if you don’t have kids.

Keep an eye out for any major sporting events, like the US open, that may affect the price of your trip too.

3. Consider the cost of add-ons

Many airlines and flight comparison sites will show you the base fare for the flight, without any extras, like baggage, seat-allocation and food, included.

Stewart suggests booking a package deal to bag yourself a proper bargain.

Packages generally include a hotel and flight, plus baggage and additional elements like transfers to and from the airport.

He says: “When pulling together your final budget, make sure that you’ve checked how much your chosen airline will charge you for seat allocation, baggage and food because on a round-trip journey it will quickly add up.”

British Airways has some cracking package deals right now, with holidays from as little as £32pp.

4. Book as soon as you can

Many people believe that an airline will hike its prices if you have previously searches for that flight. 

But this is a complete myth, says Stewart.

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“There is little evidence to prove this theory and instead, the price of your flight is probably increasing due to fewer availability,” he explains.

So, if you’ve found dates that suit, it’s better to book sooner than later.

Try booking a package deal to bag yourself a proper bargain


Try booking a package deal to bag yourself a proper bargainCredit: Getty


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