The call you can’t miss: How to bypass ‘Do Not Disturb’ on iPhones – The Star Online

It’s good practice to turn your phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode during important meetings. But of course, there are some people – a spouse, a sick relative – whom you’ll make an exception for.

iPhones let you easily have it both ways with a hidden feature in the “Settings”. Open the iPhone’s “Contacts” app and select the person you don’t wish to ignore, advises German speciality magazine Mac&i.

In the right-hand corner, select “Edit” and then open the “Ringtone” option. The very first option is “Emergency Bypass,” which must be toggled on. Right beneath is the option for what sound or vibration the phone makes when it overrides “Do Not Disturb” for the person.

Even if the phone’s physical ringtone switch on the side is set to mute, this won’t apply to the emergency contacts if they call. – dpa


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