The bizarre souvenir that will get you free cruise drinks for life – but you’ll have to start saving now

THE biggest cruise ship in the world – Icon of the Seas – sets sail this week and its onboard Royal Bling boutique has a very special item for sale.

The brand-new store on Royal Caribbean’s $2billion liner sits in the new Aquadome neighbourhood and features gold, silver and diamond jewellery – including necklaces, rings and earrings – styled around the company’s Crown & Anchor logo.

A bizarre souvenir will get you free drinks for life on Royal Caribbean


A bizarre souvenir will get you free drinks for life on Royal CaribbeanCredit: Lisa Minot
You'd need to go on 151, seven-night cruises to make up the cost


You’d need to go on 151, seven-night cruises to make up the costCredit: Lisa Minot

But there’s a very special treat waiting for the passengers willing to shell out $100,000 on one of the most unique pieces in the store – a gold-plated CHALICE encrusted with Crown & Anchor logos in Swarovski crystals.

The gleaming chalice – like something out of an Indiana Jones movie – comes with one very unusual added benefit if you do decide to spend the £78,550 it costs.

The owner will then be gifted a deluxe drinks package on every cruise they take for the rest of their life.

Normally the drinks package would cost cruisers $100 – or £78.56 – a day and includes cocktails, spirits, liquors, beers, wine by the glass, sodas, water, mocktails, premium coffee and tea, and fresh-squeezed juice. 

That covers almost any drink on the ship up to $14 in value.

The drinks are on Royal Caribbean for the rest of your life.

But we’ve done the maths and in order to make up the money you’d normally spend on the drinks package on an average seven-night sailing, you’d have to sail on 151 cruises! 

If you can’t quite justify the steep price, the cheapest items in the Royal Bling boutique start from around $100, or £78.50, for silver earrings with the Crown & Anchor logo – sadly not with any free drinks packages.

The bling goblet is just one of the out-there items you’ll find onboard Icon of the Seas.

The world’s biggest cruise ship can hold up to 7,600 passengers and is billed as the ultimate family vacation.

There are eight different neighbourhoods onboard including the Aquadome where the Royal Bling boutique is located.

The Aquadome sits right at the top of the front of the ship, covered in an architectural marvel of a glass dome.

Inside there’s a huge pool and 55ft tall waterfall and by day, the space also features bars, restaurants and shops to enjoy. 

By night, the Aquadome transforms into an Aqua Theatre with astonishing performances from aerial artists and divers.

Other neighbourhoods onboard include Thrill Island with its Category Six water park – the largest ever built at sea and Surfside, dedicated to families and featuring spash park and even a carousel.

And I tried out the new Crown’s Edge ride onboard – and was left screaming in terror.

The Icon of The Seas set sail last week


The Icon of The Seas set sail last weekCredit: Royal Caribbean