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Those in the market for the new iPhone could save themselves up to £144 ($187) if they’re prepared to play the long game, new price prediction data suggests.

Based on the price history data of Apple’s (APPL) iPhone XR and iPhone 11 models, the best time to buy the new iPhone 12 will likely be March 2021 – five months after the launch, comparison site Idealo predicated.

Chart showing the average price of the iPhone 12, iPhone 11 and iPhone XR. Photo: Idealo

The phone, which is available in the UK in November, is expected to drop from its £799 release price to just £655 over the following five months, before climbing back up to £671 by the end of its first year on the market.

The iPhone XR similarly dropped from £749 to £612 within five months of its release, before climbing back up slightly to sit at £624 after 12 months of being on the market.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 11 was released at £729 and fell to £608 within five months of its release, before climbing back up to £620 by month 12.

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However, Apple fans who don’t want to hang around for five months before getting their hands on the latest model could still save nearly 10% after just two months, when the price is predicted to fall to £727.

“There’s no disputing the hype that surrounds any mobile phone launch, but what people sometimes don’t realise is that by being a little more patient and considered in their purchasing decisions, they can save themselves a decent chunk of cash on the latest tech,” said Katy Phillips at Idealo.

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“Our research will no doubt be great news for those who aren’t in an immediate rush to get their hands on a new smartphone.

“With many other releases imminent from the likes of Samsung (BC94.L), Huawei and Sony (SNE), avoiding any impulse buys could seriously pay off.”

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