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While many manufacturers have bowed out of the high-end tablet market, Samsung is still going strong and giving Apple a run for its money with the new Galaxy Tab S8. This premium tablet offers everything you need for both productivity and entertainment. It isn’t cheap, though, and if you’re going to shell out at least $500, it makes sense to protect that investment with a quality case. We’ve rounded up some of the best options ranging from slim and sleek professional folios to oversized silicone models that can handle whatever abuse a child might subject your Tab S8 to.

It’s often difficult to find a case that offers the right amount of protection without making your tablet feel like a tank, but the Spigen Rugged Armor Pro seems to strike the perfect balance. Its air cushion technology allows it to remain relatively slim while still being capable of absorbing impacts, and the magnetic front cover, which supports sleep and wake functions, turns into a kickstand for hands-free viewing when needed. The case is also quite stylish, with carbon fiber accents and matte black finish. The S Pen slot also has you slide the pen in and out rather than pry, which should help it hang onto your pen longer before it wears out.

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Spigen Rugged Armor Pro Designed for Galaxy Tab S8

If you want something sleek and affordable that enhances the functionality of your device while also guarding it against damage, there are few better options than the faux leather Fintie Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. It is equipped with scissor switches that offer a decent amount of travel and good tactile feedback for touch typing, and you can remove the magnetically attached keyboard from the case whenever you don’t need it. In addition to professional-looking black and gray options, it also comes in eye-catching choices like rose gold, navy blue, and even a galaxy-themed option.

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Fintie Keyboard Case for Galaxy Tab S8

Samsung’s first-party cases for the Galaxy Tab S8 are mostly tame, but the company’s newest case craze has come to the Tab S8 in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Swivel Strap Cover. Much like the Silicone Strap Covers that Samsung debuted with the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and are now available for the Galaxy S22 series, this case uses a swappable strap to give you a comfortable grip as you hold up the 11-inch tablet. Unlike most strap cases for tablets, there’s no bulky kickstand shoved under that strap that you’ll have to maneuver around. Because this case uses the same straps as the phone cases, it’s designed to lay completely flat and add zero bulk. Plus, you have 16 other Samsung straps you can currently purchase and swap out if the pre-packaged strap isn’t to your liking.

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Samsung Swivel Strap Cover for Galaxy Tab S8

The Infiland Galaxy Tab S8/ S7 Backlit Keyboard Case offers all the bells and whistles you need to get the most out of your tablet. It features a removable 7-color illuminated keyboard for those times you want to use your device in laptop mode, and it has an integrated storage spot to keep your stylus handy for drawing. You can also adjust the angle of the kickstand for the most convenient viewing. The case offers solid protection from drops, too, with its thick corners and rigid structure, but this does come with some added bulk.

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Infiland Backlit Keyboard Case for Galaxy S8

Despite the S7 in its name, the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series perfectly fits the Tab S8, too. This rugged multi-layer option is made with a combination of polycarbonate and flexible, shock-absorbing TPU that gives it the ability to withstand all kinds of abuse. It also includes a full-screen protector to safeguard the display against scratches, port covers for keeping dust out, and a pop-out kickstand. Despite all this, it still manages to be reasonably slim and lightweight.

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SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro for Galaxy Tab S8

There are many reasons to like the UAG Metropolis Series. It boasts a surprisingly lightweight construction for the level of protection it offers and incorporates a sturdy front cover, adjustable kickstand, and secure S-Pen storage. The case is also compatible with the company’s shoulder strap. The honey-comb patterned exterior feels nice in the hand, with just the right amount of friction for a good grip, and has the premium appearance you’d hope to get from a case that carries a $60 price tag.

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UAG Metropolis Series for Galaxy Tab S8 

Tablets used by children require thick, highly impact-resistant cases to keep them reliably safe. If they have a handle like the SaharaCase KidProof Case, all the better. The case also has a built-in kickstand for hands-free viewing, but it keeps the devices at a lower angle than most other options, which makes it ideal when using the tablet for drawing. There are two vibrant colors to choose from — pink or blue — both of which should appeal to kids.

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SaharaCase KidProof for Galaxy Tab S8

The ZtotopCase Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is a good choice for people who often use their tablet in business settings and want something that offers a professional aesthetic. It has an attractive faux leather exterior, or you can choose the denim model, both of which have a microfiber lining that is gentle on screens. The front cover supports the sleep and wake functions of the Tab S8, and there is a smartly designed S-Pen holder on the back that keeps the stylus protected against scratches and within easy reach. Conveniently, the case also features a small slip pocket that works well for business cards, credit cards and receipts.

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ZtotopCase Leather Folding Stand for Galaxy Tab S8

If you often let your child use your device but don’t want a case that screams KIDS, the Poetic TurtleSkin Series for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7/S8 fits the bill. It is made of an extra-thick, high-traction silicone material that serves two purposes. It reduces the chances of it slipping out of your hands and safeguards the tablet when that still inevitably happens. The material is also washable, so you can easily get rid of residue from sticky hands. As an added benefit, the case deflects the sound from the speakers directly towards the user, making them sound louder and improving the listening experience.

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Poetic TurtleSkin Series for Galaxy Tab S8

Folio cases come in every size and shape under the sun, but the color selection can often leave something to be desired. Thankfully Soke offers its Tab S8 case in 13 different colors, so there’s a shade for everyone and their kid. Like many Tab S8 folios, it features a pen slot inside the folio at the hinge, but the back slot is left free for you to snap the pen on and charge it as needed. Two grooves in the folio’s inner cover offer two kickstand angles, and everything is blissfully slim to avoid standing out.

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Soke Folio Case for Galaxy Tab S8

Keep your Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 safe

There are many factors to consider when choosing a case for such a large device as the 11-inch Galaxy Tab S8. Protection needs to be a top priority, but that needs to be balanced with the amount of bulk it adds and whether it offers the extra functionality you want. Aesthetics matter, too, since you want your tablet to maintain its good looks.

When it comes to finding that ideal balance, the Infiland Backlit Keyboard Case immediately stands out as one of the top picks. However, if you need something that offers a higher level of protection and don’t mind forgoing the inclusion of a keyboard, you’ll be better off with the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series. It also includes a screen protector rather than just a flip cover. On the other end of the spectrum is the Fintie Keyboard Case, which has a keyboard and a sleeker design but is less protective.

For those who often allow their kids to use their device, the SaharaCase KidProof Case or the Poetic TurtleSkin Series should be your go-to choice. Both are made from a thick and highly shock-absorbent silicone material that can withstand a lot of drops. The latter offers a slightly more mature look, so it won’t feel like you are holding a kid’s device every time you want to use your tablet.


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