The Best Employee Benefits Schemes Offered in 2019

The Best Employee Benefits Schemes Offered in 2019

Employee benefits continue to be very popular in the UK for start-ups and organisations. Any additional benefit that you can offer to staff can act as an incentive to join the company, keep them motivated, increase productivity and be retained in the organisation.

Previously, companies would offer Christmas parties and the occasional social, but employee benefits are now a key part of everyday life and will cover many aspects including childcare, annual leave, health, wellbeing and discounts.

Unlimited Leave

The concept of offering unlimited leave to employees was something first championed by Netflix and other start-up organisations, but it is something that has caught on.

It essentially means that staff can take off as many days as they want per year. If they are behind schedule or slacking, their manager will take this into consideration and reassess their goals.

The reality is that the majority of staff do not take the unlimited annual leave and in some cases, end up working less than before.

Knowing that you have 3 or 4 days of annual leave left, almost forces you to take it, even when you have deadlines.

So it is important for managers to implement unlimited leave carefully or it could have the reverse effect and cause staff members to burnout.


Perkbox is at the centre of employee benefits, offering a platform where companies and their staff can log in and get access to hundreds and thousands of discounts.

This includes discounts on meals, coffees, cinema tickets, events for your children, experiences, shopping and more.

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With different packages available, you can select different levels of perks for the staff members, with those putting in extra hours or more senior personnel able to access more benefits.


At the front of health and wellbeing, yulife offers life insurance for companies, helping to insure a large number of teams under one policy.

In addition to receive life insurance, users will gain access to a free app where they can receive rewards based on complete mindful and wellness tasks including doing yoga, meditating, running and walking a mile.

Any points or ‘yucoin’ can be redeemed for vouchers from Amazon, ASOS, Urban Massage and many more.

The company is based on the philosophy that life insurance should help you primarily in life, and not just death. Maintaining a good body and mind is healthy for the individual and their effectiveness within the organisation.

Fitness and Wellness

Keeping up with the idea of fitness and wellness, more and more organisations in 2019 are offering ways for their staff to keep fit and maintain a healthy mind.

This includes agencies such as Energy House Digital offering running clubs during lunchtime, Eskenzi PR offering pilates every Wednesday at lunch and business-app Curve offering free gym memberships for every client.

Business managers have started to embrace the idea that healthy staff are likely to take less sick days and be more productive for the company, helping to meet the overall organisation goals.


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