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The world of cryptocurrencies has undergone several transformative events in recent years. Beginning with Bitcoin, and then moving on to the smart contracts of Ethereum, followed by growing regulatory acceptance within major economies, it’s been an exciting start to the 21st century. And now, a new cryptocurrency is about to make its debut that aims to take the next big step for the industry. It’s called Axion, and it’s a revolutionary crypto-investment vehicle aimed squarely at income investors.

It differs from conventional cryptocurrency offerings because it’s designed to function like a traditional certificate of deposit – yielding high defined returns in exchange for pre-agreed periods of investment. The idea is to provide a less volatile way for average investors to use cryptocurrency as an income stream, just as they might with a conventional CD or dividend investment portfolio. The important part, however, is that Axion features an 8% yield, where comparable investments struggle to produce even a quarter as much.

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The way Axion works is brilliant in its simplicity. Investors can buy Axion tokens and enter into a smart contract where they agree to hold on to their stake for a set period. Then, the Axion network holds a daily auction of available tokens resulting from early or late withdrawal penalties. Buyers can bid for those tokens using Ethereum, with payouts determined by their ultimate share of the total bid pool. The auction winners receive their share of the tokens, and 80% of the Ethereum proceeds are used to buy more Axion tokens from the major cryptocurrency exchanges, with the remaining 20% going to fund the operation of the network itself.

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In this way, Axion produces upward inflation on the tokens’ value to create the 8% yield for stakeholders. Because the system penalizes early withdrawal, Axion doesn’t suffer from the same kind of mass-selloff volatility that tends to be associated with conventional cryptocurrencies. And to top it off, the system provides an escalating bonus system that pays additional rewards for long-term stakeholders. In other words, the longer you remain invested, the more you earn.

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And because the founder of the Axion network holds no stake in the Axion token itself, investors don’t have to fear any price manipulation that could harm their investment. That’s a problem that hinders the mass adoption of traditional cryptocurrencies as an investment vehicle. In fact, in Bitcoin’s case, it’s estimated that 42.1% of the total supply is held by a small number of large investors – who can manipulate prices at will by making large, market-moving trades.

In Axion’s case, the pre-agreed staking periods prevent anyone from accumulating too much of the token’s total supply and penalizes those who might try to game the system. In many ways, it’s a self-correcting arrangement that delivers strong returns in an equitable way for all involved. It’s truly a system built for investors, based on stability and predictable returns.

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And it’s a system that investors can buy into right away. Right now, Axion may be purchased via Uniswap, which is an Ethereum-based exchange where it’s trading under the name HEX2T. When Axion’s main network goes live, all HEX2T tokens will be converted to Axion at a 1:1 ratio. And by September, the founders expect to have Axion trading on all of the major exchanges, opening up the system for wide-scale use.

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There’s good reason to be an earlier adopter, as well. Since HEX2T made its debut a few months ago, it has already appreciated in value by over 600%. And those gains are on top of the staking rewards early investors will receive when their investment period ends. By the day of the main network launch, Axion will have established itself as the premier cryptocurrency investment vehicle for income investors – poised to deliver reliably high returns for years to come that are unmatched by any other traditional investment method.

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