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Technically, due to Martin Luther King Jr.’s vacation, last week was short for many people, in terms of work. However, things as they are, that does not necessarily mean that life is quiet in social networks. (Internet never sleeps, Amirita?) But what were people talking about? Well, there was news that President Trump was preparing to expand the travel ban. It was also discovered that Saudi Arabia’s leader, Mohammed bin Salman, could have hacked Amazon and Washington Post The phone number of owner Jeff Bezos, which is alarming. Meanwhile, Richmond, Virginia had a pro-weapon demonstration, there is a new deadly virus that came to the United States, and the nerds on the Internet are excited about the return of Star Wars, clone wars and the long awaited release of Star Trek: Picard. Oh, and this fell.

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But what were people talking about when they were not distracted by the crashed show? Dear friends, you just had to ask.

How to escape the murder of books

What happened: It turns out that the Internet’s tolerance for violence is significantly lower than one would expect when it comes to books. Yes, books.

What Really It happened: We have all been there: we are absorbed in a piece of classical literature and would like to continue reading on the fly, but the damn book is so physically heavy. If only there were some kind of solution to this problem …

Clear. It is certainly a bold move, not to mention one that virtually destroys the possibility of selling books to a second-hand store. But, however violent it may seem, surely the Internet understood.

Of course, the story was extended to the mainstream media as expected given the reaction of social networks, with people who share arguments for and against the practice.

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