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Which gaming monitor is best for you depends on several things, like your budget, how powerful your gaming PC is, and whether you’re a casual gamer or competitive. With that in mind, I’ve listed the three monitors that appeal to various gamer types. And, they are all on sale as part of the best Black Friday deals

There are all sorts of 1080p monitors with varying specs, but I recommend this 24.5-inch Sceptre 1080p 240Hz monitor that’s 20% off and going for $120 this Black Friday. It can serve gamers on a budget, as you don’t need super powerful and expensive hardware to run games at 1080p resolution. It’s also a good option for more competitive gamers who will value its 240Hz refresh rate for more precise micro-aiming. 

For the 1440p resolution realm, where a gamer values graphical fidelity a little more, I’d recommend LG’s UltraGear 27GP850-B with 165Hz refresh rate. The $300 deal (30% off) perfectly balances price, quality, and features. 

LG UltraGear 27GP850-B

This is an excellent deal for a 1440p monitor, and the lowest price we’ve seen for this particular model. It’s the perfect upgrade from 1080p in price, resolution, quality, and features. It’s an easy recommendation.

As for 4K, Samsung’s 43-inch Odyssey Neo G7 4K monitor with 144Hz for a whoppingly good $500 deal (50% off) is an immediate recommendation. Remember that while 4K resolution is sharp, you’ll need seriously powerful hardware to run newer games at higher graphics settings if you want smooth graphics, let alone anywhere near 144Hz. 

Samsung Odyssey Neo G7

The Samsung Odyssey Neo series offers 4K image quality in a sleek and stylish package. They’re among the best gaming monitors on the market. This massive 43-inch model is back down to near the lowest price we’ve seen, bringing what’s usually a high-end monitor down to a midrange price.


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