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The cryptocurrency industry has experienced significant growth in recent times. As the cryptocurrencies grow in development and demand, their platforms are working more and more to offer to their clients and investors. Basically, a cryptocurrency wallet store’s digital assets manage security issues and identity verification.

The most important part of a cryptocurrency wallet is the key. Prior to deciding on the wallet, you intend to store your digital wealth, you should analyze the advantages and disadvantages of a platform. There are five types of digital wallets and in this article, we are going to narrow down the 20 best wallets to store your cryptocurrency. We hope this helps you make a Shrewd choice.



Coinbase is one of the most secure cryptocurrency wallets and trading platform. On top the sufficient security, Coinbase has covered all the crypto-assets through an insurance policy. In addition, you can also link your bank account and start buying and selling cryptocurrencies using the wallet.

Coinbase offers its users a lucrative user-friendly interface that is easy to use even for beginners. The wallet can store more than one signature and the two-factor authentication ensures added security. The firm is backed by several reputable exchanges on top of a big number of investors. Furthermore, Coinbase has a long way to go but it is one of the safest cryptocurrency wallets on the planet. 

Exodus Wallet

Exodus is a universal cryptocurrency wallet that was rightfully considered one of the best wallets of 2019. The hot wallet supports over 100 altcoins. Moreover, it has a built-in cryptocurrency exchange service on top of a convenient user interface.

Unfortunately, one cannot link their bank account to the wallet. However, one can buy bitcoin or Ether using fiat deposits. In addition, Private keys are stored on the user’s device. Incase of operating system failure, the program can be easily restored. 

Jaxx Wallet

Jaxx wallet has been operating since 2014. The wallet supports multiple currencies as one can exchange more than 80 cryptocurrencies using Jaxx. Jaxx wallet is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux while one can also use the chrome extension. The platform boasts excellent customer care support through online platforms like email or social media.

In addition, it has a news module that enhances the app’s value as it shares all the significant updates and crucial information on digital currencies and Blockchain. Jaxx wallet also enables users to keep track of the market by analyzing price and market cap while following the latest trends.  

Copay Wallet

Copay wallet is a product of BitPay Inc. Bitpay has led to many businesses accepting Bitcoin as a payment medium. That makes Copay one of the most accepted Bitcoin wallets in the world. All keys in Copay are stored locally for device-based security. However, the wallet lacks two-factor authentication.

Using Copay, a user can pay on some very popular e-commerce websites such as Amazon and other businesses. The wallet supports Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Copay is an open-source wallet that has been backed by developers to provide security for your crypto-assets.


Coinomi Blockchain wallet supports multiple currencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, etc. The hot wallet has a multi-currency application for smartphones. It also has a Russian language interface on top of two integrated cryptocurrency exchange services. Private Keys are exclusively stored in the mobile app. The wallet is available on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux. 

KeepKey Wallet

Keepkey refers to a hardware wallet that stores private keys in cold storage to keep them safe from vulnerabilities. The wallet generates a 12-words security key that can be retrieved incase it gets lost. Moreover, the wallet supports BTC, BCH, DASH, DOGE, ETH, LTC, and NMC. 

In addition, KeepKey is a safe wallet in terms of security as it is safe from any virtual or physical attacks. It also provides an online platform alongside desktop and mobile applications for efficiency. Anyone looking to build an online portfolio on cryptos should try this very reliable cold wallet.

Blockchain Wallet

Blockchain wallet is very easy to create and very suitable for private one-time transactions. The wallet supports multiple currencies and uses two-factor authentication to safeguard them. In addition, Blockchain Wallet’s administration doesn’t have access to information about the users. 

The wallet is quite similar to the Coinbase wallet.  The wallet allows users to send and receive payments directly. The wallet is supported in over 35 different states.  It has affordable transaction prices and it supports a range of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Stellar Lumens. 

Moreover, the wallet offers instant transactions to users which is convenient. Moreover, a user can store funds in the cold wallet and use the hot wallet for daily transactions. Both public and private keys have to be written on a piece of paper that will be stored offline. Blockchain wallet Connects users for exchanging funds all around the world and there are no intermediaries.

Blockchain wallet is available on both Android and iOS platforms. 

Ledger Nano

Ledger Nano boasts among the best Bitcoin, Ether and altcoins hardware wallets. The device has an enclosed execution environment that protects digital assets and transactions. It can be connected to a computer using a USB cable and it also has an OLED display for extra confirmation.

Ledger Nano supports multi currencies and the list keeps growing. In case you lose the device but you still have the secret phrase and backups, you can restore all your assets in a new device. No one can access the device without a PIN code.

In addition, while using the hardware, your private keys will always remain secure inside the device and they will never reach the computer. This guarantees protection against hackers. 

Trezor Wallet

When considering hardware wallets, Trezor is among the best Bitcoin wallets in the industry. This wallet allows one to store cryptocurrencies in cold storage and at the same time use it like a hot wallet. Additionally, Trezor can be safely used in a computer affected by malware.

It is small in size and it can be easily carried in the pocket. The device is backed by a 24-letter recovery seed and a user has total control of the private keys. On top of that, it has two-factor authentication. It has a unique sign for every transaction to keep the user’s crypto safe. However, it has been a victim of attacks and threats due to its firmware. 

Electrum Wallet

Electrum is a highly reliable, fast, secure and easy to use a cryptocurrency wallet. The wallet is developed to allow regular use of cryptocurrency as a payment medium since it provides straight-forward and easy solutions while transacting. 

The wallet has a newbie-friendly user interface that enables effortless use. It also has a two-factor authentication to provide adequate protection of your digital wealth. The software is open source meaning any developer can contribute towards its development.No data is stored online and anonymity is highly maintained.  Unfortunately, only Bitcoin is supported.

Edge Wallet

Edge is a simple and easy to use Bitcoin wallet that is supported by both android and iOS. The wallet is highly convenient for beginners in the crypto world and provides automatic backups. In addition, it supports several currencies including BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.

Guarda Wallet

Guarda’s non-custodial wallet is based in Europe and supports multiple currencies.  It supports over 40 digital currencies. In addition, it has a number of in-built crypto tools such as exchange, digital assets manager and also a Guarda tokens generator. Its system is user-friendly and is supported across desktop, mobile, web as well as desktop, mobile, web, and chrome extension.

Guarda does not allow the direct purchase of cryptocurrencies from the wallet. However, one can purchase through credit cards or through bank transfer. The wallet does not store vital information like private keys or client data. Once you log out, it clears all the information automatically as fast as possible.

In addition, it supports a wide range of digital currencies which makes it convenient.


Freewallet boasts a built-in cryptocurrency exchange system that makes it convenient to acquire and trade all the relevant cryptos. This Hierarchical and Deterministic wallet provides support for a variety of signatures.

Two Freewallet users can transact between them without any cost. However, network fees are charged for any other transaction. The wallet does not provide private keys to users. Also, the users don’t have control over their private keys.

Unfortunately, the web version is prone to vulnerabilities and malicious attacks.

Infinito Wallet

Infinito Wallet is the world’s first cryptocurrency wallet to avail of global transactions to users.  The wallet provides faster transactions through a 24/7 blockchain regulation. It also supports a variety of digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin as well as Neo tokens.

It provides features such as contacts and Price Management, multi-language, transaction history, QR code scanner, and a digital portfolio.  It provides a private key to protect your virtual assets from scammers and a public key to receive payments from others.

Unfortunately, it is vulnerable to mobile malware and its possible to lose all your coins if affected.

Nexo Wallet

Nexo wallet is the best wallet for Nexo token holders. The wallet gives 30% of its profits to users as dividend payments. This ensures a passive income to the holders.

The wallet is available on Android and iOS platforms. A user can check the value of their tokens even without selling them through the wallet.

In addition, Nexo users can access crypto loans through the wallet as Nexo provides crypto-backed loans. An individual can earn upto 8% of their idle funds  on top of guaranteed safety.

Bitcoin Wallet 


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Bitcoin wallet, the same as Bitcoin has earned a reputation as the most widely used wallet in the world. Bitcoin is the most popular and trusted cryptocurrency in the world. The wallet has engaged more than 42 million users and it is actually the most secure wallet.  The wallet has reported over $200 million transactions to date.

The bitcoin wallet is the best BTC wallet and gives users full control over their funds. The wallet can be accessed at any time anywhere in the world and offers exchange and trading services.  The wallet can be operated using iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, or Mac.

Greencoin Wallet

Greencoin wallet is a reliable BTC wallet as it balances between the convenience and security of a BTC transaction. However, the wallet is designed for the experienced investor and it runs on a very powerful system. It can also be integrated on both iOS and Android.

Greencoin wallet has a very beautiful UI that allows users to exchange and trade Bitcoins. Moreover, it is referred as the most flexible hardware wallet in the market.  It is suitable for long-term traders due to the additional features that offer the best services to users.

After every transaction, the wallet generates a unique public key automatically. This ensures that your public address will always remain unique. Setting up the wallet may take a lot of time and it is not advisable for newbies.

Airbitz Wallet


Airbitz is a hot wallet best for BTC. It allows users to store, collect, and send bitcoin across the globe. iPhone and smartphone users can effortlessly  manage their cryptocurrencies using the mobile app. However, the desktop version is not yet ready. Customized PIN code and password will be attached and write them down for future reference.

Robinhood Wallet

The Robinhood wallet offers unmatched features that are really helpful to the users. Moreover, the wallet is aiming to offer commission-free cryptocurrency transactions to its users. The wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin besides other popular digital currencies. 

The app version is powerful and it facilitates buying, selling and trading of assets using the application. Unfortunately, the dividends reinvestment program is not available on the wallet. However, the company is working on it.

Hive Wallet


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The Hive wallet aims at providing greater convenience to the traders. The wallet has a simple user interface; where one can use the navigation buttons to increase visibility. It facilitates buying and selling of cryptocurrency using two main screens.

Hive is one of the best wallets out there due to its simplified payment verification process. This eliminates the need for a third-party application.Additionally, the wallet has a game-changing feature in bitcoin AppStore. It lets the user interact with other systems within the blockchain ecosystem. 


Cryptocurrency wallets play a significant role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. More people are becoming interested in trading using digital currencies and these wallets; are there to make their experience convenient, secure, and simple.

In fact, every wallet is very different from others and has quite unique features. With all the information provided, you can make a good choice of a wallet that will suit your needs and make your cryptocurrency journey an enjoyable one.




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