The 15 Most Anticipated Cars of 2022 (and They’re All Electric!) – Architectural Digest

It’s happening. Our global shift to battery-powered vehicles—necessary to help stem the destruction of the planet unleashed by the burning of fossil fuels—is finally underway. The most important and direct sign of this change is the manufacture and release of a range of electric vehicles (EVs) in categories that consumers are compelled by and actually want to drive and purchase.

The coming year will see this occur, with literally scores of new, fully-electric, and hybrid-assisted EVs arriving in dealer showrooms. Importantly, for a nation dangerously addicted to trucks, vans, and SUVs—they now make up more than 75% of all new vehicles sold in America, and they contribute greatly to our soaring roadway death tally—many of these vehicles will fit into the electric or hybrid category.

And more EVs are on the way—hundreds, in fact. As automakers move to meet global emissions targets in a last-ditch effort to corral catastrophic climate change, nearly every one has pledged to fully electrify their fleet by the end of this decade. To prepare you for your electric future, we’ve compiled this list of our favorite forthcoming EVs for 2022 as an introduction to this imminent voltaic smorgasbord. Get ready to plug in.


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