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Even though most crypto markets suffer from yesterday’s China FUD, Tezos is one exception. The XTZ price has moved up rather strongly, sparking some community excitement. Sustaining any growth in this industry will require substantial behind-the-scenes activity, though.

A Strong XTZ Rally

While it isn’t uncommon for individual crypto assets to buck the overall market trend, that momentum doesn’t materialize every week either. The past few months have seen a few ups and downs for Tezos, even though XTZ is still up by 261.52% year-to-date. An impressive growth curve confirming the dip to $2.5 earlier this year was more a fluke than anything else. 

XTZ/USDT Chart By TradingView.com

With today’s gain in the books, XTZ holders and speculators will be rather happy with how things have evolved. Unlike other markets, which are still in the red, the Tezos price continues its upward momentum. No two crypto markets are alike, yet it remains unclear if Tezos’ uptrend continues once Bitcoin recovers. For now, these two markets follow opposite trends, which is rather intriguing.

Blockchain Games Take Off

Various blockchain ecosystems compete on the blockchain gaming front. Tezos, with its efficiency, throughput, and low transaction fees, makes for a viable contender. Several games are on people’s radar, including PixelPotus, Dream Card Racing, Play With Brio, Bunny Knights, and so forth. More competition is always welcome. Various games can be successful within the same ecosystem, as Ethereum and Binance Smart chain demonstrate. Blockchain games cna prove beneficial to the XTZ value, as the entire ecosystem gains more momentum. 

Security Token Offerings Update

While most people may not pay much attention to security tokens, it is a rather exciting market overall. It would appear several projects may explore the Tezos blockchain for this particular purpose. Although STOs are still a niche market, seeing companies and projects explore different blockchains is positive. Moreover, it seems as if Tezos will play an increasing role of importance in these proceedings. These STOs may not require XTZ to participate, although that situation will differ from one project to the next. 

A Busy Month For Contract Calls

Similar to other prominent blockchains, Tezos supports smart contracts. The number of contract calls can indicate how popular this concept is and whether the ecosystem keeps expanding. Thanks to constant growth month-over-month, the contract calls surpassed 3.2 million in August 2021. However, it seems September will yield over 5 million contract calls. That can be beneficial to the XTZ price, depending on how people perceive this news. 

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