Tesla Model Y production begins ahead of March deliveries

The first versions to arrive will be the Long Range, Dual Motor and Performance models. The car is likely to arrive in the UK by 2022, based on previous Tesla model roll-outs globally.

The Long Range model will offer 315 miles of range, a 130mph top speed and a 5.5sec 0-60mph time, and it will be priced from $47,000 (around £35,500). The Dual Motor will start from $51,000 (£38,500) and have a lower range of 280 miles, a higher top speed of 135mph and a 4.8sec 0-60mph time.

The Performance model also offers 280 miles of range, but its top speed is increased to 150mph and its 0-60mph sprint time reduced to 3.5sec. It will go on sale for $60,000 around (£45,000).

A Standard Range version will follow later in Spring 2021 for $39,000 (roughly £26,000), with a 230-mile range, a 120mph top speed and a 5.9sec 0-60mph time.

The Model Y is compatible with Tesla’s third-generation Superchargers, which are capable of 250kW charging. Cars will be able to recover 75 miles of range in five minutes, with a peak charging rate equivalent to 1000 miles for every hour. Tesla now has more than 12,000 Superchargers globally across 36 countries.

Inside, the Model Y has a similar interior layout to the Model 3, with a single 15.0in touchscreen interface containing all of the car’s controls, and no traditional instrument cluster. It also includes the same self-driving hardware, including Autopilot, which can be unlocked for a fee and upgraded wirelessly as new features get approval from regulatory bodies.

Split-folding second-row seats and a front boot provide a maximum storage space of 1869 litres. Its rear hatchback should prove more convenient when loading than the Model 3’s tailgate.

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