Tesla crashes into building causing nearly £286,692 in damage

The driver was reportedly traveling at nearly 70mph when he lost control of the brakes (Picture: Greater Columbus Convention Center)

A Tesla driver lost control of his vehicle and rammed into the side of a building at nearly 70mph.

The Tesla taxi crashed into the Greater Columbus Convention Center in the US last week.

The incident was caught on CCTV.

It shows the driver — 63-year-old Frantz Jules — nearly bumping the rear end of another a car before launching into the air and through a glass wall.

The driver was reportedly traveling at nearly 70mph when he lost control of the brakes.

After crashing into the building, the vehicle reportedly slammed into a steel support column, bringing it to a halt.

While there were no causalities, the damage to the building was estimated to be nearly $350,000 (£286,692).

Three witnesses told a local newspaper that they saw the Tesla speed up in order to make a yellow light seconds before the crash.

According to police, the Tesla’s autopilot feature may have been engaged and reportedly contacted the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) about it.

The US road safety regulator asked Tesla if it had received any transmitted information from the 2020 Model S to show that it was using autopilot before the crash. The company responded that it had nothing.

The regulator has decided against investigating the incident without prompting the local police to investigate the vehicle’s ‘electronic control module’ or ‘black box’.

The driver lost control of his Tesla and rammed into the side of a building (Picture:Greater Columbus Convention Center)

‘The NTSB has decided not to pursue an investigation of this crash,’ said Thomas Barth, special investigations branch chief of the NTSB’s Office of Highway Safety, the day after the crash.

‘…Tesla checked their system and they did not receive any telematic data from this crash. …The vehicle ECM would likely have retained the data,’ he said in an email.

According to the police report, the incident is listed as an ‘injury possible’ accident, and noted that the vehicle was over the speed limit on that particular road.

The driver told the police that he had lost control of his brakes and was ‘unable to stop’, said the report.

It’s not the first time a Tesla’s been involved in an expensive crash. Last month, a self-driving Tesla crashed into a £1.5 million private jet while being ‘summoned’.

A recent research showed that 58% of UK residents were uncomfortable using self-driving cars while 55% of them did not feel safe sharing the road with them. has approached Tesla for comment.

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