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Streaming is today one of the largest content distribution channels, thanks to the fact that content distribution has been facilitated.

An element that has been patented in streaming is the ability of this medium, to be able to interact dynamically with audiences.

Interaction through streaming platforms such as Spotify has been a key task in the market.

The streaming market has a huge security slope at the moment, as we have realized with the case of Spotify, where its security has been compromised.

One of the best examples we have in this regard is the one we have found with Spotify, after it has been known that a group of hackers exposed data from 350 thousand users of the famous platform.

The information, which included passwords, was stored on an insecure server, as specialists of the vpnMentor form realized.

The strategy they used to violate the data of hundreds of thousands of users was credential stuffing, so it was only necessary to test users and passwords until they matched and violate more than 350 thousand accounts.

Streaming, key in the market

Streaming is key in the market and what is even more remarkable within this market is the ability of brands to transcend in an industry that has not disappointed, on the contrary, it has become a special subject, where day Every day, benchmarks have been established that help us to understand consumption and what is better, to make decisions based on the interaction required in the market.

There is no doubt then, that the elements, through which new consumption patterns have been established, become extremely necessary.

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Innovate in the industry

Innovation in the streaming industry has become a challenging task because audiences seem to have seen everything in the entertainment market, so they demand new entertainment proposals that help them live experiences

Faced with this series of challenges, the work that the brands that have given weight to streaming have to do is clear, so it has become increasingly interesting to understand consumption and do it based on the work that macas have to carry out .

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