Taxmen flag two cases of fraud in Delhi amid crackdown on fake invoicing

NEW DELHI: In the ongoing crackdown on fake invoicing and availing input tax credit fraudulently on a national level, the Delhi North Commissionerate detected two such cases involving fraud of Rs 97 crore in the national capital region. While the accused are under arrest in both cases, tax authorities are investigating to identify other beneficiaries and to recover the goods and services tax (GST) involved.

Tax authorities under the Delhi CGST zone unearthed the two cases, one of which involved issuing of fake invoices for fraudulently availing ITC – where four people were arrested including an authortised signatory – while the other involved clandestine removal of goods without issuing invoices. In the second case, the proprietor has been arrested.

“The arrested persons have been remanded to judicial custody for 14 days by the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate at Patiala House Court,” the department said in a statement Wednesday.

In the fake ITC case, ineligible credit of Rs 90 crore had been availed on invoices issued by non-existent firms on purchase of non-IGST paid goods from various unknown firms. Fake transportation documents were generated and supplies were shown to have been received from various fake firms, created by using fake IDs.

“Two of the arrested persons were the mastermind behind this racket. Several laptops & mobile phones have been recovered from their premises,” the statement added.

In the clandestine removal case, the accused had, prima facie, supplied goods of about Rs 41 crore, without issuing invoices and thus defrauding the exchequer of more than Rs 7 crore.

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The accused procured goods without invoices and supplied them to different firms across Delhi NCR, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh without issuing invoices. The details were maintained in an encrypted form and were recovered from the devices and records available at the premises.



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