Tax Credits renewals must be done this week – this is what you’ll need for the deadline

Tax credits are state benefits that pay out money to claimants who need additional support. Child tax credit is paid to those who are raising children and can be paid in addition to child benefit.

This renewal pack may have a red line across the first page which says “reply now” and if this is the case, the claimant will need to renew their tax credits by a certain date.

The renewal pack will have a date for when it needs to be completed and returned but for most people, the date will be July 31 2020 according to the government.

If this deadline is missed the tax credits payments will stop.

If this happens, the person involved will need to reclaim their tax benefits but they will only be awarded the payments again if they qualify under the new stricter eligibility rules.

For those who do need to renew, the following documentation and information will be needed:

  • The renewal pack which should have been received by the end of May. If it hasn’t been, the claimant will need to contact HMRC
  • A National Insurance number
  • Details on any changes in circumstances
  • Total income figures from the claimant and their partner (if they have one)
  • The 15-digit renewals reference number on the renewal pack (if the claimant is renewing by phone)


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