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NEW DELHI: The case of Corona virus positive patients being detected from the Tablighi Jamaat international congregation at Nizamuddin divided the internet on Tuesday. The incident evoked sharp response from politicians, historians and activists. Hashtag NizamuddinMarkaz was the top trend in India on Tuesday attracting nearly 107k tweets.
Several AAP leaders took to Twitter and asserted that the congregation was at fault as the lockdown in Delhi had begun before pan-India restrictions were announced. AAP MLA Atishi tweeted, “The ‘iztema’ happened much before the dates mentioned in this statement, from 13-15th March. On 13th, Delhi Govt issued an order banning gathering more than 200 people. Why did Markaz not stop the event? Why did @DelhiPolice not take action when police stn is next to Markaz?” The Delhi police works under the Central government.
BJP’s East Delhi MP Gautam Gambhir blamed the organisers and members of the congregation. “What were these people gathering at Nizamuddin thinking? Is it a joke that the entire country is under lockdown? One wrong action by anyone of us can lead to a disaster of gigantic proportions! Listen to the Government for heaven’s sake!”
Several people pointed out that the congregation happened much before the nation-wide curfew was imposed. And some lamented at the communal twist being given to the incident. Around 3pm, former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah tweeted, “Now the #TablighiJamat will become a convenient excuse for some to vilify Muslims everywhere as if we created & spread #COVID around the world.”
Historian S lrfan Habib posted, “#TablighiJamat in Nizamuddin did something stupid and criminal in organising the Ijtima. Amazing that these Jamatis failed to get the message or deliberately ignored the crises going around the world.”
He later said, “It would have been advisable to postpone the Jamat ijtima to avoid the consequences. However its communalisation now is even worse. Islamophobia beats all others fears.”
Lawyer Prashant Bhushan tweeted the press note frim Tablighi Jamat, which stated that they had approached their local police station for help. “Read the actual facts about the Nizamuddin Markaz covid cases. There was an Int Conference going on there when the lockdown was suddenly announced. They kept the authorities informed at all times & kept requesting them to allow the visitors to be escorted out. Unfair to blame them,” he tweeted around 12pm.


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