T.I. Addresses Son Altercation: “F**k What Dis Internet Talkin ‘Bout” – Vibe

T.I. has addressed the viral altercation with his son, King. On Tuesday (Nov. 28), the Atlanta rapper took to Instagram to speak out against people ridiculing his family’s dynamic. He also asserted that he loves his children, including “Jr.” and “nothing gon change that.” 

“F**k what dis internet talkin bout… Da Family Tied Like a Knot,” he typed. “We all We Got…4LIFE… Ima RIDE to da heavens or da depths of HELL bout my Jr. & ain’t nothing gon change that. Now tune in to the new episode of #GOATTalk wit Me & my Jr. @the_next_king10 out now on @complex.” 

The altercation in question happened on Sunday (Nov. 26) during the Atlanta Falcons exhibition against the New Orleans Saints. King and TIP began arguing over the former’s “silver spoon childhood.” “King, have you ever woke up with a roach on your face,” the Urban Legend emcee said. “Alright then! You don’t know what you talking ’bout.” 

King shot back, asking his father and his mother, Tiny, if they wanted to see a “bando” in his neighborhood. He then accused TIP of lying to impress his fans. “Do y’all wanna go to the bando in my neighborhood?” he questioned. “To make him look better, he say sh*t that he know not true. Silver spoon? I ain’t never ate with that a day in my life.”

Things became heated when the aspiring rapper was placed in a headlock by his father. “Get off me ni**a!” King shouted. T.I. responded to his plea, declaring, “You can’t do nothing with me! There ain’t sh*t you can do with me!”

Following the spat, King took to IG in a series of now-deleted posts to address his father. He accused him again of “faking an image” and for the internet’s approval. 

“I Stand on BUSINESS DONT GIVE A F**K WHO U ARE … IDGAF WHO U ARE MF CANT PLAY WIT ME N MY FACE NOT GOIN FOR DA IM A GROWN A** MAN NOW,” he wrote. “If ima mistake say dat stop making da world think u fw me when u DONT. Ni**a be faking a image for da internet &. It AINT Me.”


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