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SwissBorg is a leading crypto wealth management platform with over 100,000 users worldwide that leverages the benefits of blockchain technology to give users complete control over their digital assets. Having conducted a successful initial coin offering (ICO) in 2017 which saw it raise $52 million, today, SwissBorg is an established name in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space that seeks to create a blockchain-enabled trusted and accessible wealth management ecosystem.

Giving Wealth Control Back to the People

SwissBorg was founded on the idea of creating a community-driven financial ecosystem that seeks to give individuals complete control over their own wealth. By utilizing the benefits of blockchain technology, including its transparency, immutability, and safety, SwissBorg is changing the way users hold and interact with their digital asset portfolio, one transaction at a time.

By eliminating the bottlenecks of legacy financing that have, for long, kept the industry in the hands of the few elites, SwissBorg aims to create a blockchain-powered financial world that fosters values such as trust, fulfillment, and financial freedom.

Introducing SwissBorg Wealth App With a Slew of Features

Staying true to its community-centric ethos, SwissBorg enables users to invest in crypto assets in a safe, secure, and trustless manner.

The firm recently launched its cutting-edge Wealth App that allows users to buy, sell, and trade digital assets using fiat currencies. The app is available on iOS and Android and includes a whole host of robust features that make crypto trading a delightful experience.

The app offers a simple sign-up process which makes identity verification a rapid affair. Wealth App users can withdraw their crypto-assets directly to their personal bank accounts and receive regular notifications on their mobile phones regarding any activity that requires user attention.

The Wealth App supports several popular fiat currencies including US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Swedish Krona, Czech Koruna, Norwegian Krone, Hungarian Forint, Polish Zloty, and Danish Krone, which makes it easier for users to begin trading their digital assets. Notably, the Wealth App charges no deposit fees from its users.

Further, unlike the vast majority of other platforms that claim to charge no hidden fee but slyly include it in their exchange rates, SwissBorg charges absolutely no hidden fee.

The Multi-Utility CHSB Token

SwissBorg’s native digital token, the CHSB multi-utility token is based on the Ethereum blockchain network and plays a significant role in the continual development of the SwissBorg ecosystem.

CHSB enables SwissBorg community members to be an active part of the rapidly growing project ecosystem. The CHSB token also possesses a staking utility in that users can choose to stake the token to become a premium platform user and incur 0% commission on Bitcoin (BTC) and CHSB buy and sell transactions.

There’s also ample scope for the price appreciation of the CHSB token considering that the Swissborg team uses 20% of the revenues generated from transaction fees to buy back CHSB tokens on the secondary market and burn them. This creates downward pressure on the circulating supply of CHSB tokens and increases its liquidity, making it more valuable.

What’s more, CHSB holders can participate in charting the future course of SwissBorg by voting in the project’s important referendums.

Hassle-Free Trading and Stellar Security

Using SwissBorg’s Smart Exchange Report, users don’t only get the best asset liquidity, but also see the exact route that was taken by the digital assets across different exchanges to give them the best price available.  The platform’s Smart Engine enables users to connect their accounts with several popular and industry-wide trusted crypto exchanges including Binance, HitBTC, LMAX, and Kraken. With the best market rates at their disposal, SwissBorg users can execute trades without any hassle. What’s more, the platform also allows users to create exclusive crypto fiat-pairs to make trades on the go.

SwissBorg data team offers an AI-enabled hourly asset analysis feature that automates market analysis every hour to provide the best and most relevant market indicators to help the SwissBorg community maximize their return on investment. SwissBorg users also receive the Monthly Bitcoin Analysis summary which keeps them abreast of the latest developments in Bitcoin market.

With regard to security, SwissBorg always strives to walk the extra mile to ensure the safety of user funds and assets. The Wealth App features “keyless security” that uses breakthrough cryptography to ensure the highest level of user fund security. Using Identity Verification and a Recovery Phrase, the Wealth App gives the power to protect their accounts to the users themselves.


SwissBorg is disrupting the world of legacy finance by not only utilizing emerging technologies like blockchain but also by fostering a community-driven ecosystem that puts the interest of the participants before its own.

The team at SwissBorg is always striving to spread the word about the endless possibilities and potential of a decentralized finance platform that gives users exclusive control over their finances. Its edutainment brands, including Cryptonites and Blockchain Unchained feature some of the top thought-leaders in this young yet exciting space. Interested individuals can download the SwissBorg app here.

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