Suttons Bay Public Schools Propose Millage to Update Technology, Security Measures – 9&10 News

Elections are on Tuesday and many districts are banking on proposals to bring improvements to their schools.

Suttons Bay Public Schools is just one of many that is relying on their millage passing.

They are proposing a sinking fund at .5 mills for five years.

It will allow the district to create a fund to update the school’s technology, security measures, and for renovation.

This is a fund that would be kept separate from the districts general fund.4d7be121 087b 4d7a 9fa3 2e285341d0fc

Superintendent Casey Petz says without this sinking fund, the district may be forced to make cuts in other areas.

“We would have to find the funds from somewhere else. And those general fund dollars that pay salaries and support our core instruction would then go toward making sure we had the tech pieces or upgrades that we need,” said Petz.

He says if the proposal does pass, taxpayers won’t see a change in their taxes until July of 2021.


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