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SureCloud, the provider of Cybersecurity and Risk Advisory services, and cloud-based, Governance, Risk, and Compliance software, announces the launch of its new tech-enabled service – ‘Max’.

Organizations often struggle to balance their need for expert cybersecurity services with time and financial constraints. With a rapidly evolving threat landscape, accurately budgeting for a year of cybersecurity costs is becoming ever more challenging.

Extensive consulting team

In addition to this, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in large portions of the workforce being furloughed (in the UK) or, unfortunately, being made redundant, which in some cases has left IT teams without expertise in critical areas such as cybersecurity.

Max is focused on outcomes and has 200 years’ worth of cybersecurity expertise

SureCloud’s new, tech-enabled Max service provides organizations with a solution to these challenges by granting them access to the perfect cybersecurity department, made up of experts in all domains, ready to be called upon in an instant. Max is focused on outcomes and has 200 years’ worth of cybersecurity expertise, harnessing the skills of an extensive consulting team, each member with more than 10 years of hands-on experience.

Robotic process automation

Max is skilled in all aspects of cybersecurity, from strategy and operational execution to reporting, and enables organizations to run their cybersecurity functions in a highly efficient, cost effective way.

Organizations can engage Max on a starting salary subscription, which offers a low cost, entry-level way to access a vast amount of expertise only the pioneer organizations could hope to afford. Being tech-enabled, Max is turbo-boosted through the power of robotic process automation (RPA), which automates and optimizes the traditional manual processes associated with delivering a service.

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Smart decision making

Max is also supported in smart decision making by artificial intelligence (AI). These technology-components empower SureCloud’s consultants to concentrate their time on the human decision-making aspect of cybersecurity to help reduce risk, as well as deliver a better customer experience.

SureCloud’s ‘Max does Cybersecurity’ is available as a subscription model across 3 levels of service

In addition to in-person consulting engagements, Max can also be accessed as a chatbot via SureCloud’s central, cloud-based Gartner recognized platform, where customers can request assistance or ask cybersecurity related questions. SureCloud’s ‘Max does Cybersecurity’ is available as a subscription model across 3 levels of service, building on each other, and offering different levels of expert consultant-led outcomes and cloud-based software applications.

Accredited cybersecurity consultants

Commenting on the launch, Richard Hibbert, SureCloud CEO, said: “With Max, SureCloud is addressing the operational fracture between software and services, by combining the power of technology with our existing expert advisors. We have been market-leading cybersecurity service specialists for over 14 years, and this offering is the natural next step, giving organizations round the clock access to our accredited cybersecurity consultants, as and when they need them.”

By harnessing AI and RPA across our platform, we have essentially created living applications that evolve to both support our consultants, and give our customers the outcomes they need.” Max does Cybersecurity is Max’s first service. In the near future, Max will also be extended to include additional service-lines, including, Max does Continuous Security Testing, Max does Compliance (including PCI) and Max does Third-Party Risk Management.

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