Super League ‘Ask me Anything’: Why did it fail, how will clubs be punished and will it happen again?


ootball has been rocked by the shock launch and dramatic collapse of the European Super League.

A dozen of European football’s biggest clubs including the likes of Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal committed to forming their own brand-new, midweek tournament that they hoped would rival Uefa’s Champions League.

But instead, after one of the most rollercoaster 72 hours the game has ever seen, plans spectacularly collapsed with clubs pulling out after fan backlash to leave thousands of questions unanswered.

How was this allowed to happen? Whose idea was it? What will happen to the clubs and owners involved now? And will they try to do it again?

Chief Football Writer Miguel Delaney will be on hand to answer all of those questions and more from 5pm on Thursday.

Simply register to submit your question in the comments below, and join us live on this page at 5pm as Miguel tackles as many as he can. Your comments won’t appear live on the site until he’s able to answer them.


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