Stroud shopper finds goodwill token in his eggs – Stroud News and Journal

Popping down to the shops to collect eggs for a Sunday fry up brought one Stroud family unexpected good fortune this morning.

James Nicholls went down to Sainsbury’s on Dudbridge Hill for his family’s usual groceries.

Upon returning home, he was astounded to discover a fiver and a handwritten note wishing him well inside his carton of eggs.

“Wow,” exclaimed his wife, Jemma, on social media. “Hubby just went to Sainsbury’s for a few bits for breakfast and found a fiver and a lovely little note with the eggs.”

The note read, “I hope whoever finds this makes you smile, may you be healthy, wealthy and happy.”

James was, by all accounts, “Well chuffed” to receive such a gesture.

“It proves there are kind hearted people still out there in the world!” he said with a grin. 

Well done James and lets hope the good luck stays with you. 

And to the good Samaritan at Sainsbury’s? We await to hear from you and your kind motives. 


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