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Good news. The Aussie economy is tipped to recover further in 2021. Source: REUTERS

Good news: The Aussie economy is tipped to recover further in 2021. Source: REUTERS

Good morning.

Here’s Yahoo Finance’s morning wrap for Thursday.

ASX: Australian stocks are due to open lower this morning in line with a fall in Wall Street overnight.

Wall Street: Wall Street’s major indexes have dropped, weighed down by technology stocks as investors unwound positions in high-flying shares and pivoted to sectors that are likely to benefit from an economic reopening on hopes of swift vaccinations.

Crypto fraud, scams: The US Securities and Exchange Commission said that the “greater challenge” in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is protecting investors.

“Some markets have been really rife with fraud and scams,” Gensler told the Senate Banking Committee in his nomination hearing.

Gensler specifically pointed to some overseas markets, but did not elaborate on how exactly he would use SEC authority to create those protections.

Red flags: The Australian property market is booming higher as buyers race to get in, but if you’re looking to get your loan approved, you’ll need to make sure you don’t make any mistakes.

Getting your own numbers wrong is a classic mistake that could see your loan application denied, but according to the Adelaide lender tic:toc’s chief customer officer Faith Brockhoff, there are several other common red flags buyers need to be aware of.

She spoke to Yahoo Finance about some of the most surprising ones to watch out for.

Property ladder: If you’re a young Australian, unfortunately, it’s pretty tricky to get together enough deposit to crack into the property market.

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But here are 4 tips to help get those savings underway.

Get rich tips: Every year, the Oracle of Omaha passes down sacred knowledge to his shareholders in the form of a letter.

For decades, Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors of all time, has bestowed nuggets of wisdom, in his trademark plainspoken style, through his firm Berkshire Hathaway’s annual public report. Here’s what he had to say this year.

Disney investment: Did you invest in Disney 10 years ago? On March 2nd, 2011 Walt Disney stock prices were set at $43.02 per share. Today exactly ten years later Walt Disney share prices have skyrocketed up to $194.98. 

If you’d invested $1,000 in Walt Disney Company back in 2011, then today that investment would be worth $4,998.15. You would have seen a 17.43 per cent return on your investment with a total profit of $3,398.15.

Have a great day.

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