Steve Cropley: Don't block this Lego Bentley-makers dream


You always know when Gordon Murray is happy. Even when you can’t see him, you can hear it in his voice. I couldn’t visit his Guildford emporium to hear about the new 3.9-litre normally aspirated V12 for his forthcoming ultra-lightweight T50 supercar, but Google Meet did a pretty good job, with Murray in upbeat form as explainer-in-chief.

No wonder: the engine absolutely bristles with features that make it the world’s most advanced V12 (the compactness and lightness, the amazingly low centre of centre of gravity), but what I liked best was learning that it can blip three times faster than the magnificently responsive BMW-derived bent 12 of the McLaren F1. I can hardly wait to try one, although competition from proper, card-carrying road testers will be intense.


Uplifting chat today with 18-year-old Lego enthusiast Ben Croot, who has designed and created this magnificent Blower Bentley (above) from a random pile of bricks and is bidding to have it adopted as an official Lego design. The car, 40cm long, represents eight months’ painstaking research, trial and error. The baby Blower has so far attained 4500 of the 10,000 votes it needs via Lego’s Ideas website to get official backing – but there’s a time limit.

Ben, who has just left school and plans a career in architecture, has around four months to gather the votes he needs, and after an enthusiastic conversation, I can tell you that he definitely has mine. Want to help? Register at Lego’s website (it’s a faff, but please persist) and vote for Ben’s Bentley. You can find it at At the very least, you’ll be doing this keen kit buyer a favour.

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And another thing…

Reader Stephen Wrench writes with good news that Brighton & Hove City Council, which has banned cars from its seafront Madeira Drive (a traditional motoring destination) for now, will still allow the place to be used for future events. “We fully support those events returning stronger than ever,” says a welcome council statement.




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