State pension: Voluntary NI contributions can boost payments but it'll cost you – be aware

State pension income requires at least 10 years of qualifying NI contributions, with 35 years needed for the full amount of £179.60 per week. Qualifying years can be built up while a person is working or is unemployed and the Government will allow people to check on their record through their website.

Voluntary class two contributions will cost £3.05 a week.

For class two contributions, it increases to £15.40 per week.

Class two contributions are mostly paid by the self-employed and as such, are usually paid through a Self Assessment.

Class three contributions can be paid online or through banking options such as direct debit or CHAPS.

The quickest way to claim a state pension is online through the Government’s website.

It is also possible to put a claim through over the phone or through the post.

Initial payments may come through within five weeks of reaching state pension age.

Beyond this, it will be paid every four working weeks into a designated account.


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