State Pension UK: Britons set to receive a bonus to their sum this Christmas – check yours

State Pension payments are often a key source of retirement income for Britons, and understanding entitlement is key. Current rules mean the state pension currently sits at £175.20 per week as a full sum. However, the amount people ultimately receive is based on their National Insurance contributions, usually throughout their working lifetime.

For the new state pension, people will need to have 35 qualifying years to receive the full sum.

But no matter what sum Britons receive from their state pension this year, they will be set for an additional bonus. 

A Christmas Bonus payment is outlined and scheduled by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), who is responsible, among other things, for overseeing the state pension.

Each year, those who receive qualifying sums from the DWP will be entitled to a tax-free payment made shortly before Christmas.

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Those who receive the state pension can expect their Christmas Bonus to be paid automatically.

This means they will not have to take any action, something likely to be a help to many. 

And those of state pension age who are receiving the guarantee element of Pension Credit are also eligible. 

Also potentially relevant payments which could see pensioners benefit from the Christmas Bonus are: 

  • War Disablement Pension
  • War Widow’s Pensions
  • Widow’s Pension 

If a person is a pensioner, they should reach out to their local pension centre that deals with their payments – this is likely to resolve and provide clarity to the situation if there is any confusion.

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Finally, there are other rules to bear in mind surrounding the Christmas Bonus for people who are married, in a civl partnership, or living together as if they are.

If both receive one of the qualifying payment, then each person will receive a Christmas Bonus.

However, if a partner or civil partner does not get a qualifying payment, they may still be able to get a Christmas Bonus if the following apply:

  • both are over state pension age by the end of the qualifying week
  • a partner was also present in the qualifying areas during the qualifying week

A person must also either be entitled to an increase of a qualifying payment for a partner or civil partner, or only be receiving Pension Credit. 



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