State pension: Claimants can backdate payments but they cannot go beyond this limit

State pension income is dependent on a person’s National Insurance record, with 10 years of contributions needed to receive anything and 35 years needed for the full amount of £175.20 per week. If a person claims their state pension after they’ve reached the required age, they may be able to backdate payments.

This calculator is free-to-use and will initially ask the user if they’re checking on their state pension or bus pass age.

Following this, all the user will need to do is enter their date of birth.

The final screen will detail the date they’ll qualify for their state pension, which is likely to fall on a birthday.

Additionally, details will be provided on when the user may also qualify for pension credit.

State pensions can be claimed while a person is still working if desired, potentially boosting income in retirement.

Claimants can boost their eventual state pension payments if they defer claiming them for at least nine weeks.

The payments will increase by the equivalent of one percent for every nine weeks of deferment.

This will equate to just under 5.8 percent for every 52 weeks.


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