State pension age: Backto60 appeal permission denied by Supreme Court – WASPI respond

The Backto60 campaign emerged as a result of these actions and the group continuously urged the Government to amend the changes or pay restitution to the affected women.

Over the last few years, the Backto60 campaign had their court cases dismissed and they have appealed these decisions a number of times.

On March 30, Messrs Birnberg Peirce Limited, the legal firm advising the Backto60 campaign, confirmed the following: “We have received the decision of the Supreme Court and I am sorry to tell you that permission has been refused.”

Following this confirmation, the Backto60 campaign issued the following response: “ is righteously proud of all its commended work and those who supported it, not least, individual women from all around the UK who donated their very last pennies to speak their truth to the powerful.

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