Spectre.ai Dividend Token Price Changed by 4.33 percent – ICO Brothers

As at 2019-02-28 average Spectre.ai Dividend Token price is 0.22988394 USD, 0.00005962 BTC, 0.00167893 ETH.

In this regard, 24 hour trading volume is 505.56765737 USD or 0.13111809 BTC. At the same time Spectre.ai Dividend Token market capitalization is 18867383 USD or $4893 BTC.

It’s noteworthy that is issued into circulation Spectre.ai Dividend Token.

Spectre.ai Dividend Token SXDT/ETH on ForkDelta exchange is 0.16. The trading volume on ForkDelta is 6604.32.

At the same time Spectre.ai Dividend Token SXDT/WETH on DDEX exchange is 0.23. The trading volume on DDEX is 494.95.

Spectre.ai Dividend Token average change within 24 hour is 4.33 against USD, 2.25 against BTC, 0.37 against ETH. Weekly report: -9.54 against USD, -8.91 against BTC, -15.29 against ETH. Monthly report: 16.85 against USD, 28.45 against BTC, 0.19 against ETH.


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